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InFinityGro is one of the genuine service providers of India issued Diploma Certificate Apostille or Attestation from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Chennai, Kolkata, etc in India. We provide services to get Apostille any kind of Indian issued Diploma Certificate from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) or Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Government of India.

Why Diploma certificate is apostille required for abroad?

When an Indian person is going Abroad for Study or Job purpose then Diploma Certificate needs to be Apostille or Attestation from MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), Government of India. Diploma Certificate Apostille required for Visa purpose like study visa, student visa, education visa, job visa, etc.

What is the process for diploma certificate apostille?

There are two type of diploma certificate apostille process one is lengthy process another one is urgent/quick process.
First process diploma certificate attestation or authentication from HRD, HED Higher Education Department after that apostille from MEA in India. This process is very lengthy and time-consuming process.
Urgent/quick process diploma certificate attestation from notary public, Attestation or authentication from General Administrative Department (GAD), Regional Attestation Center (RAC), Home Department, Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Finally diploma certificate Apostille or Attestation from MEA - Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Which documents are required for diploma certificate apostille process?

Document are required for diploma certificate apostille are original diploma certificate, all semester marksheet copy or original marksheet for supporting purpose and passport copy of the document holder.

How much time required for diploma certificate apostille?

If you go through the first process it takes lot of time and if you through Urgent/quick process it will be take two or three working days for diploma certificate complete apostille process.

What are the fees or charges for diploma certificate apostille?

Diploma certificate Apostille complete process fees and charges are depending on documents are issued from which place in India. Please contact InFinityGro we will give you all information in precious way.

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